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Surname: Perini
First name: Fabrizio
Year of birth: 1961
Hometown: Solothurn CH

«Energy and strength come from complete concentration!
 Concentrate on your own potential!»

Many visits to South Korea, Cuba and Japan helped Fabrizio Perini to develop and deepen his drumming skills through his studies of the Korean Buk with Chae Sang Mook in Seoul and Japanese Taiko drumming with Ayano Yamamoto, Ayaka Kanasawa and Jige Akemi in Mato City. He has since used his percussion skills in both percussion groups and as a solo performer. The fluency of movement and expression learned from the Art of Asian drumming is the basis for training concentration and development of sense of self for both body and soul. He has used his time spent learning physical meditation and Tai Chi with Mantak Chia in Thailand (Universal Tao System) as an important foundation for his further work. As a Personal Coach and Team Development Specialist (Graduate Coach, Supervisor BSO / www.kö He uses, amongst other techniques, rhythm and Asian drumming as a method of learning.
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